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The domain "" is privately owned by Hellmuth Michaelis and was registered back in 1996.
In case you are wondering what the name comes from:
In the old times, when 1200 Baud modems were standard, i wanted to connect to the german "underground" network, the "subnet" and i had to choose a name for my site. After (not) much thinking i choose "ktshh.uucp" (Kitchen Table System Hamburg) - and this was my UUCP leaf site name for a long time. The snippet from the UUCP maps was this one:

#N ktshh
#S kws SAM 68k / OS-9/68k
#O KitchenWare DoubleFault Lab
#C Hellmuth Michaelis
#E root@ktshh
#T +49 40 248932 (voice, NO carrier !)
#L 53 34 N / 09 57 E
#U lutzifer exhh
#W root@ktshh; Sun Oct  7 16:08:35 1990

ktshh lutzifer(DAILY/2), exhh(DAILY), ‹hphal›(DAILY)

The map showed links to Lutz, Exrom, and Heino. Those were the days ... :-)
Years later, when i got the chance to have a direct connection to the internet i registered my old name from the UUCP days and got the domain "".
At the time i started to use "ktshh.uucp" i did this on a Motorola 68000 based homebuild computer running OS-9 from Microware. I always extended it, build new boards, debugged hardware, wrote drivers and i had the feeling that the name of my site reflected what i was doing at that time.
Hellmuth Michaelis
Tel: +49 4101 473574